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Camula is a villain from the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. She is the second of the Shadow Riders and considered one of the most dangerous villains ever encountered.


Camula is a female Vampire. She has green waist length hair, with a giant curl above her forehead. She wears a long red dress, with slits revealing her long legs. She also wears a lot of jewelry, including gold bracelets and a necklace.

As a Shadow Rider

Camula is a female vampire, and the only one that remains of her race. She survived the medieval times by locking herself up in a coffin, and hiding it. She remained hidden until Kagemaru revealed her coffin and released her. He gave her the Shadow Necklace, which is her Shadow Charm. She is the second Shadow Rider to face the "keykeepers". She uses a vampire-oriented Zombie deck, that revolves around summoning monster from the grave. She is a very serious duelists, and she hopes to revive her race by gathering souls. If she beats someone, she locks his or her soul up in a doll, or she sends the soul to the three Sacred Beasts by using her Spell Card "Illusion Gate". She manages to beat Dr. Crowler and Zane, but she is beaten by Jaden. Her soul is then taken by the Illusion Gate leaving her body to crumble. The souls that were locked up in dolls are then released.

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