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Camille Toh is the supporting antagonist from the R-rated Computer Animated movie, Sausage Party.


The first time we see her, she picks up a pack of sausages (three of the main sausages being Frank, Barry, and Carl) and a pack of buns (one of the main Buns being Brenda) and the jar of Honey Mustard (who was returned by a previous shopper because he got the wrong mustard), though Honey Mustard was so scared of being taken again that he is left with no choice but to commit suicide, which causes a spillage (which includes Frank, Brenda, and even Douche to fall off the cart and Camille to salvage what she could get and pay what she could get, even informing the manager Darren about the incident on the way, who refers to her as a "milf".

The next we see her unloading her groceries from Shopwell's, with the conspicuous Barry and Carl trying to happily enjoy their new home with the other groceries despite leaving Frank and Brenda behind, but Barry and Carl's smiles turned to fearing frowns when they see Camille peeling an Irish potato bare (causing the same potato to scream in pain and terror) and then being put in a pot of boiling water, along with sizzling the bacon, ripping a head of lettuce in half, slicing an Italian tomato in half, grating a block of cheese on a bowl of nachos and being microwaved, even eating a pair of escaping baby carrots. Barry and Carl tried to escape back to Shopwell's until Carl gets killed by cut in half length wise from top to bottom by Camille, and was about to do the same to Barry until he managed to escape.


  • Camille Toh is a sexual pun to the famous "Camel toe", especially when it was pointed out by Douche when he was picked up by her that she has one herself.

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