Camille finding out who Orca is.

Camille Baden-Smythe is a villain from Batman #579-581, a rich socialite who cares so little about anything other than profit that when Bruce Wayne talks about the value of helping the poor, she assumes he must be joking. When Orca steals Camille's 6 million dollar gem necklace so she can sell it and use the funds to fund a soup kitchen, a rehab clinic, and a daycare center, Camille is furious at Bruce for stopping her guards from shooting through innocent bystanders to get at Orca, since she figures her lawyers could have settled the resulting wrongful death lawsuits for less than the price of the gem. In case it isn't clear yet that her personality consists entirely of heartless, unnecessarily mean-spirited greed, the rest of the story has her kick more dogs. First, she shows up in person to put her sweatshop workers on an 18 hour schedule to make up for labor lost during the facility's upcoming relocation. Then she visits one of the tenements she owns to bribe a building inspector to ignore the horrible living conditions. While she's there, she barges into a residence where she knows the child of one of her workers is home alone. See, she needs an arsonist to burn down a nearby aquarium so she can shut it down and move her sweatshop there. But rather than just sending one of the thugs already on her payroll to do it, she opts to bully the young boy into doing it, threatening to fire his mother and throw them both out on the street if he doesn't.