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He's one of those proud to be n***er people, I hate those guys.
~ Danny Vinyard to Cameron Alexander(referring to Dr. Sweeney).
Now wait a minute Danny, he's not proud. No, he's a manipulative, self-righteous Uncle Tom who's trying to make you feel guilty about writing about Adolf Hitler. Yeah, when some n***er or some s***k writes about Martin Luther King or f**king Caesar commie Chavez, he gets a pat on the head. You can see the hypocrisy in that, can't you?
~ Cameron Alexander to Danny Vinyard (referring to Dr. Sweeney).

Cameron Alexander is an antagonist in American History X.

He is a White Supremacist, standing in opposition to the main protagonist's attempts to reform following a life-changing series of events in prison.

Cameron Alexander is also an antagonist due to the fact his racist ideas poison the minds of many young men, one of whom happened to be Derek's younger brother - who he realizes is turning into a violent Neo-Nazi due to Cameron's lies.

This leads to a verbal confrontation between the two men and Alexander cruelly states to Derek that his brother has more faith in him than he does in Derek, threatening Derek (who in turn threatens Cameron and punches him, forcing him(Derek) to flee for his life as Alexander's Neo-Nazis try to kill him in vengeance).

In an early draft of the film, Seth Ryan was shot and killed by an African American along with Cameron, who was killed from a curb stomp by another African American, believing that Cameron was Derek.

American History X (1998)- Derek Vinyard vs

American History X (1998)- Derek Vinyard vs. Cameron Alexander scene, starring Edward Norton

the famous confrontation (WARNING: controversial language)