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The Cambrima is a guardian knight under Hundred-Faced High Priest Chaos that is 100 times stronger than any Zorima.

Character History

The Cambrima units are created when Chaos activates all three of the Emotional Energy-collection totems in the Frozen Castle.

One such Cambrima was unfortunate to be used to revive Dogold from being shattered, and one has to be used as a vessel about every month.


Cambrima is armed with CamBlades, single club that projects energy balls from the "mouth" of the club. The club, once applied with Joyro, can be upgraded to a giant kanabō that is almost as big as it's wielder.


  • Cambrima is based on marine life, most notably the trilobite and anomalocaris, from the Cambrian period.
  • The Cambrina are similar to the Sugormin as they are advanced foot soldiers that are colored blue.

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