The Cambrima are the elite footsoldiers of the Deboth Army who serve under Hundred-Faced High Priest Chaos. They are 100 times stronger than any Zorima.


The Cambrima units are created when Chaos activates all three of the Emotional Energy-collection totems in the Frozen Castle.

A Cambrima was used as a vassal for Dogold to possess after he was driven out from possessing Utsusemimaru. However, Dogold later switched to using Endolf as a host instead.


Cambrima are armed with CamBlades, single club that projects energy balls from the "mouth" of the club. The club, once applied with Joyro, can be upgraded to a giant kanabō that is almost as big as it's wielder.


  • Cambrima is based on marine life, most notably the trilobite and anomalocaris, from the Cambrian period.
  • The Cambrina are similar to the Sugormin as they are advanced foot soldiers that are colored blue.


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