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But you'd still be just a child, playing with a sword. Corypheus will wield it as a master.
~ Calpernia explaining Corypheus' plans to the Inquisition Party
I will be ready. As the Vessel, and Tevinter's champion.
~ Calpernia.

Calpernia is a former slave mage promoted by Corypheus to rank of leader of his cult Venatori. She believes she'll end slavery in Tevinter and make it global and glorious empire once more by helping Corypheus to ascend to godhood.


Originally, Calpernia was a slave in Minrathous, in service to Magister Erasthenes, a scholar of the Old Gods. One night Corypheus came to the magister and imprisoned him in a force field as he no longer needed him. He took Calpernia as his servant. She eventually rose to become the leader of the Venatori.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Calpernia appears only if the Inquisitor recruited templars.

Calpernia assembled invasion forces of venatori, recruited circle mages and troops of Arl Wulff to seige Haven on command of Corypheus. She supervised the attack but all her forces were decimated and Haven destroyed by avalange.

She freed slaves from slaver Vicinius and killed him for abusing them. The ex-slaves joined her cause. She didn't know Corypheus plans to make her a vessel for power he seeks and it would mean to strip her of free will, becoming slave again but much worse.

Calpernia leads the rests of of Corypheus' assembled army of Venatori, Red Templars and brainwashed grey wardens to fight Elven Sentinels in the Temple of Mythal in the Arbor Wilds. After fighting through the Elven guardians protecting the Temple, Calpernia faces the Inquisitor.

The Inquisitor can reveal that her new master plans to betray her by brainwashing her when he gets what he's after, what will make her leave and turn on her master. The Inquisitor can also simply fight her what leads to her fall to river and seemingly death.