Calo Nord was a high-caliber bounty hunter of his time in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. He is first encountered as a rather neutral character, but later, his villainous intentions are revealed when he is seen

Calo Nord

working for Exchange boss Davik Kang in order to deal with his enemies. His main targets while on Taris ar

e mostly swoop gang members, but later focuses on Revan.


Calo Nord's backstory reveals that he was sold into slavery by his own parents when he was very young, and managed to escape on his sixteenth birthday, killing his parents for revenge. He is first seen in Javyar's cantina in the Lower City on Taris, being hounded by some swoop gang admirers of his. After telling them to go away several times, he shoots them dead and walks out. He is later encountered in a Lower City apartment building collecting a bounty for the heads of some rodians. His intentions are unclear at this point.

It is eventually revealed that he is working for Davik Kang after Canderous brings Revan to the Exchange boss' estate. After the party is discovered trying to steal the Ebon Hawk in order to escape Taris before the planet is razed by Darth Malak, Davik orders Calo to kill them so they can escape. Davik is killed in the ensuing fight, and Calo Nord is crushed beneath falling rubble, presumably killing him.

After Revan discovers the first Star Map on Dantooine, it is revealed that Calo Nord inexplicably survived the


Calo Nord alive and well aboard the Leviathan.

destruction of Taris. He is seen being hired by Darth Malak himself, tasked with capturing Bastila and Revan. Calo is encountered again after Revan recovers the second Star Map, and says he's not in it for the credits, and that he is instead after him because he is the first one to have escaped from him, which would ruin his reputation. He is killed in the ensuing battle.