Callisto is both a minor character/villain in the video game; God of War: Ghost of Sparta, and the mother of Kratos and Deimos.


Zeus and Callisto

Younger Callisto

Younger Callisto

Years ago, Zeus was known to have multiple affairs with many mortals. One of them was a young woman named Callisto. They had an affair for some time, and while they were together, Callisto gave birth to two sons; Kratos and Deimos. Before Zeus was about leave them, he told Callisto not to tell them who their real father is, and disappeared. When Deimos was kidnapped by Ares, Zeus told her that he was the one who sent Ares to kidnap Deimos, as he posed a threat to Mt. Olympus, and that he was sent to the Domain of Death. He also told Callisto that she had to lie to Kratos, telling him that Deimos was dead and that he shouldn't be searching for him. Years later, Callisto was brought to the Temple of Poseidon by Zeus to live there forever.

Ghost of Sparta

Callisto (before Transformation)

Callisto before changing into her monster form

When Kratos was searching for some answers about his nightmares, he encounters his deathly ill mother. At first he thought it was another trick by the Gods, but she told him that she's real. She told Kratos that his younger brother is alive in the Domain of Death. Callisto also told Kratos that their father didn't want Kratos to know where Deimos was. When Kratos asked her who his real father was, Callisto tried to whisper in his ear (Though it's unknown if Callisto managed to tell Kratos that Zeus is his father or not). After she tried to tell Kratos who his father is, she unexpectedly transformed into a monster and fought Kratos.


After a lengthy battle with his transformed mother, Kratos managed to knock her out. With Callisto incapacitated, Kratos proceeded to deliver the final blow, and then she reverted back to her human form.

After having defeated his mother in battle, Kratos then takes her into his arms as she uses her dying moments to thank him for setting her free, and encouraging him to pursue Deimos in Sparta and she slowly dies. Before she died she proclaimed that she was finally free, and told Kratos to go to Sparta find the answer he seeked. When she died in Kratos' arms, her bodied disappeared.
Callisto's Death

Callisto's Death

Sometime after Kratos killed Thanatos, and gain the powers to become a God of Olympus, the Grave Digger somehow managed to acquire Callisto's corpse and place her in a grave that he already dug up, right next to Deimos.


While Callisto has no particular powers in her human form, her monster form on the other hand has several powers. Callisto's monster form has great physical strength, durability, and endurance. She also has razor sharp teeth and claws. It's also possible that Callisto is immortal, because she was living in Poseidon's Temple for some time, presumably 30 years, appeared to be gravely ill, and yet she was still living.


PSP God Of War Ghost Of Sparta - Callisto11:11

PSP God Of War Ghost Of Sparta - Callisto

Callisto and Kratos

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