Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs is a sinister ally to Dark Kat in an alternate dimension. Unlike the kind and caring version, she is sinister and willing to kill anyone to achieve what she wants. Callie plotted with Dark Kat to steal the Mega Detonator from Puma Dyne so she can destroy Enforcer Headquarters. Once Enforcer Headquarters was destroyed, Callie would use her gang to takeover Mega Kat City. Fortunately, Lieutenant Felina Feral figured out that Callie was working with Dark Kat and arrested her just as Callie was about to leave Mega Kat City when the good SWAT Kats foiled her plans.


  • Politics
  • Administration
  • Organized Crime
  • Bureaucracy


Unlike the Callie Briggs the SWAT Kats know and love, this alternate version of Callie is unkind, spiteful, emotionless, and uncaring. Callie was willing to let the Enforcers take in the Evil SWAT Kats since she thought they ruined her and Dark Kat's plans, however, she released them so they can destroy Enforcer Headquarters, so her gang can destroy Mega Kat City. Callie seems to be murderous since she killed an Enforcer commando with a deadly gas.


  • She might have been in a relationship with Dark Kat throughout the entire episode and it is possible that Dark Kat in the SWAT Kats' dimension might have someone working for the city in his pocket.