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Calizo Popsttone is one of the secondary antagonists of the 2015 graphic novel Luna de Plutón. He was one of the Ministers of Ogroroland (his father was an old (but good) minister friend of Metallus del Titanium), the best friend of Claudia Nefertitis Vön Sugus del Titanium and a secret agent of Osmehel Cadamaren. Although he was early introduced as a good guy, his true colors were revealed later in the novel, in that he reveals have been helping Osmehel Cadamaren for became the King of Ogroroland and for conquer, along Meinhardt Hallyfax and Osmehel Cadamaren in a triumvirate, the Solar System.


After Emperor Gargajo's departure from the moons of Iapetus and Io, the Ministers of Ogroroland, along Calizo Popsttone, decided to send Agent Kannongorff for kill Gargajo for his crimes. They also send Claudia Nefertitis Vön Sugus del Titanium, Metallus del Titanium's daugther and Calizo's best friend to spy Mojo Bond, a criminal who made several dirty deals during Gargajo's government.

However, Claudia failed his mission and for that reason, Popsttone, along the minister and estrategist Rockengard, convinced Metallus to send Claudia (along his friend Knaach) for check Kannongorff's entry into Osmehel Cadamaren's Herschel Magnatino. However, during the nap of both Claudia and Knaach, Calizo entered into the Express of Pluto and killed Kannongorff. He also tried to kill Claudia, but he doesn't had time for kill her, for that he escaped from the train.

After Emperor Gargajo's assasination, Metallus was accused of terrorism, and Claudia was taken as a witness during the judgement. Popsttone received Claudia in the Council of the Federal Brotherhood of the United Planets before the initiation of the judgement. After Judge Raah sentenced life imprisonment for Metallus in the Prison of Langrenos, located in Mars; Metallus, along Popsttone and Claudia escaped with the help of the other ogres in the Tungstenio, the new battle ship of the ogres.

During the battle of Titan, Calizo helps many ogres during the battle of the Tungstenio with The Anubis. But, The Anubis neutralized the Tungstenio, and Calizo apparently died during the neutralization. However, after the appearance of the Imperial Reaper in the orbit of Titan, Metallus and the ogres discover that Calizo was alive (he escaped with a escape capsule), and that he had helped Osmehel Cadamaren and Meinhardt Hallyfax since the rupture of Gargajo's government (Popsttone also revealed many details of the Tungstenio to Cadamaren). Popsttone also revealed his true intentions of became the new King of Ogroroland and that he tried to kill Claudia along Kannongorff during the course of the Express of Pluto.

During the ultimate battle of the Imperial Reaper against the Pegasus, Calizo tried to escape with the escape capsule that he used for escape from the Tungstenio to the Imperial Reaper. However, Osmehel Cadamaren appeared in scene, and although Calizo offered him to share the capsule, Cadamaren refused and shot a tranquilizer dart with poison of Plutonian pecora to Calizo's jugular, killing him. However, Cadamaren's escape attempt failed at the final, because the oxygen leaked from the capsule due the onslaughts that the capsule received during the battle of the Tungstenio against The Anubis.