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~ Cladwell's last words.

Caldwell B. Cladwell is the main antagonist of the musical Urinetown. He is the evil president and owner of the Urine Good Company, and a miserly moneygrubber who gleefully exploits the poor.


Cladwell first appears in Act One, when in the corporate offices of Urine Good Company, he is discussing the new fee hikes with Senator Fipp, a politician firmly in his pocket, when his beautiful daughter, Hope, arrives on the scene as the UGC's new fax/copy girl. The next day, Cladwell's assistant, Mr McQueen, announces the new fee hikes set upon the urinals. Bobby concludes that the laws are wrong. Opening the doors of the urinal, despite Ms. Pennywise's protests, he begins a pee-for-free rebellion.

At the offices of UGC, Cladwell is informed of the revolution, and when Hope is aghast at his vow to crush Bobby for his actions, Cladwell coldly advises her to stamp on the poor whenever she can.

At Public Amenity #9, Cladwell, Fipp, UGC staff, and police arrive to confront Bobby. Bobby discovers who Hope's father is, and, outnumbered, the rebels kidnap Hope and head to a secret hideout in the sewers.

The rebel poor are hiding in the sewers, holding Hope for ransom. Cladwell and the police are looking for them. They rally around Bobby, but balk at his statement that the violent fight could take decades. Just then, Pennywise bursts into the secret hideout telling Bobby that Cladwell wants him to come to the UGC headquarters. Bobby goes, but only after being reminded by the impatient rebels that if anything happens to him, Hope will be killed. Pennywise fiercely swears that if any of the rebels harm Hope, she will have Bobby sent off to Urinetown. Bobby says goodbye to Hope, apologizes, and tells her to think of what they have

At the UGC headquarters, Bobby is offered a suitcase full of cash and full amnesty to the rebels as long as Hope is returned and the people agree to the new fee hikes. Bobby refuses, and demands free access for the people. Cladwell orders the cops to escort Bobby to Urinetown---even if it means that the rebel poor will kill Hope. Horrified, Pennywise marvels at the depth of Cladwell's evil. Cladwell has her arrested as well. She, Hope, and Fipp sing of their regrets of falling for Cladwell's schemes. Meanwhile, Bobby is led to the top of the UGC building, and learns the truth. There is no Urinetown, they just kill people. Lockstock and Barrel throw him off the building.

To avenge Bobby's death, the rebels, lead by Hope, storm the UGC's offices and kill most of Cladwell's advisors. They finish by sending Cladwell to Urinetown. In his final moments, Cladwell proclaims that he regrets nothing.

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