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Calares is a Britannian Duke and the Viceroy of Area 11 after Princess Cornelia's disappearence after the Black Rebellion.


Calares appears after he oversees the execution of some prisoners which were gunned down by Britannian Infantry Soldiers, then he makes a speech about as Britannians its their duty to control and educate the Elevens. Later, Gao Hai and his bodyguard, Li Xingke, go to Area 11 and meet Calares who claims his Security is perfect which causes Xingke to slice off two security guards belts, then said it'll giving Britannia a better understanding about the Chinese Federation which angered Calares. Their meeting is then interrupted from an explosion of Babel Tower.

He then goes out to the battle and is stationed inside a G-1 Base, as a commanding officer for the Britannian forces there. The tower callapses to the series of explosions and a large portion of the two crushes Calares' G-1 Base, effectively killing the Duke.


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