Kaydee Lawson, also known as Caine, is the main protagonist in the film Menace II Society. He has participated in robberies and murders, but is more remorseful than his friend O-Dog.


Caine Lawson and his best friend Kevin Anderson (O-Dog) enter a local store to buy malt liquor, as the Korean storekeeper and his wife eye them suspiciously. An argument ensues and the irritated O-Dog shoots the storekeeper, causing the storekeeper's wife to scream. O-Dog tells Caine to take all of the money out of the cash register as Caine watches in shock. O-Dog then attempts to coerce the storekeeper's wife to stop screaming and hand over the camera. O-Dog manages to find the camera and shoots the storekeeper's wife. O-Dog then goes to the cash register and is annoyed that Caine did not open the cash register. O-Dog opens the cash register and is angered that there is only six dollars inside the cash register. O-Dog correctly deduces that the storekeeper was hiding most of the money in his clothes. Afterwards, Caine and O-Dog flee the store.