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The Caged Juju is a minor antagonist of the Tak franchise.


Early life

The Juju was a demon creature who was imprisoned in a cage for ten thousand years after committing a dangerous crime.

Meeting Tak

The Juju met Tak and offered him to get a key or the Juju will burn and eat Tak. Later, the Juju offers Tak pets: A fish, a sheep, an emu and a rhino. The Juju was so dark that he was going to say he would like a killer whale, a polar bear and a bee colony. The Juju seems to be a Bestial because he says "What a handsome emu." He gives Tak a snowboard.

The Woodies' Dungeon

The Juju saw Tak yet again to guess what is inside the box. Tak made numerous guesses and he got them all wrong. Inside the box is Lok. Take and Lok left the Juju.

The Juju Challenge

During the Challenge, the Juju was seen at the Shaman Snack Shack.


  • "I was supposed to be in this cage for ten thousand years, that was EONS AGO!"
  • "Insolent yummy fresh meat! I will fricassee you! I WILL FRY YOU ALIVE!!"
  • "That would be glad if I didn't ask for a killer whale, a polar bear and a BEE COLONY! Maybe I should."
  • "Excellent, those would be fine pets. What a handsome emu."


  • They were voiced by Jeff Bennett who also played Dick Hardly.

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