Caeser Faison is a fiction character and one of the main antagonists of soap opera General hospital. Faison is an enemy of Luke Spencer, Anna Devane, Sean Donelyand Robert Scorpio. He has also held Lucky Spencer captive on the orders of Helena Cassadine. His right-hand man was Jacques.

He was believed to have died twice: first on a boat with Anna and Robert, who were also presumed dead for a number of years; and then while escaping from the police on the docks in a boat that exploded.

In early 2013, it is revealed that Faison had a daughter with Liesl Obrecht, offscreen.

1990 - 2000

Cesar Faison first surfaces in Paris, France in 1990, under the alias P.K. Sinclair, an adventure novelist with a penchant for cigars. In reality, Faison is the former employer of Anna Devaneduring her days with the World Security Bureau (WSB)'s rival agency, DVX. Also during this time, Faison often makes illicit deals with WSB head, Sean Donely, including one to destroy Anna's marriage to Robert Scorpio.

Faison arranges for Felicia Scorpio-Jones to be abducted, in an effort to distract her husband, Frisco Jones. Faison, with assistance from henchmen Desiree and Jacques, leads Frisco and Sean on a wild goose chase through his Parisian winery before allowing them to rescue Felicia. Meanwhile, back in Port Charles, Robin Scorpio finds part of a crystal that Faison had been searching for, prompting him to trick Scott Baldwin into selling him Wyndemere. Upon learning that Robin's mother is Anna Devane, whom Faison has long been obsessed with, Faison tosses aside Desiree in order to pursue Anna. Faison's pursuit of the crystals soon becomes an afterthought as he becomes fixated on marrying Anna. She is reluctant to do so, until Faison threatens to expose her past to Robin. Anna, however, is secretly conspiring with Sean Donely, Frisco Jonesand Robert Scorpio to bring Faison down, and they arrange for a man named Remundo to drive Faison away from Port Charles.

A short time later, Anna and Robert about to remarry when Faison resurfaces and is revealed to be a member of the mysterious Cartel. In an effort to keep Sean and Paul Hornsby in line, Faison poisons Tiffany Hill and Susan Hornsby, while hypnotizing and mind controlling Robert and Anna. Along withMac Scorpio and Bill Eckert, Robert, Anna, Sean, and Paul join forces to bring the Cartel down, while Faison escapes. Faison responds by sending his enemies threatening messages and abducting Anna, attempting to fool everyone into believing she had left of her own free will. Faison soon realizes that Anna will never be happy without Robin, and uses his mother, Ms. McTavish, to infiltrate the security that Robert has placed around his daughter. However, Faison's efforts are foiled by Robert and Holly Sutton, and he ends up accidentally shooting his mother while she attempts to protect Robert and Holly. Fleeing the country with Robert and Anna in pursuit, Faison is believed to have died in an explosion off the coast of Venezuela.

In 1999, Faison resurfaces in Switzerland under the alias of Herr Krieg, a jewel thief that Luke Spencer has been in cahoots with for years. Though Luke is aware of Faison's existence due to his involvement in Robert and Anna's presumed deaths, he had never seen a photo of him. After joining forces with Helena Cassadine, Faison spends nearly a year tormenting the Spencer family, as well as Felicia, and Mac Scorpio, Robert's brother. After abducting Lucky Spencer, the son of Luke and his wife Laura, on Helena's orders, Faison allows Lucky's parents to believe he had died in a fire. After a failed attempt to murder Luke and Felicia, Faison is presumed dead when Helena arranges for an explosion on his boat.

2012 -2014

In 2012, a man that looked like Duke Lavery appears at a Swiss mental institution where Duke's stepdaughter, Robin Scorpio-Drake is being held captive. This man is responsible for moving Robin from the Swiss facility before her mother, Anna Devane, can find her there. The man later appears in Port Charles, and it is revealed that he had been in Port Charles the previous year, to orchestrate the transfer of Sonny Corinthos' assets to his daughter Kristina's name by threatening Sonny's accountantBernie. This man also worked with Joe Scully, Jr. Joe had his son, Trey Mitchell, marry Kristina. Joe then tried to murder Kristina so that Trey would inherit all of Kristina and Sonny's assets, but it was botched. The man appearing to be Duke then sent Joe to Pier 52 to kill Bernie so that he couldn't tell Sonny or his enforcer Jason Morgan about what they had done. On the docks, Joe shoots Bernie, then Jason shoots Joe. When Jason goes to check on Bernie, the man who looks like Duke appears and shoots Jason in the back. Duke then kicks Jason's body in to the harbor. Bernie dies and Jason's body is never found.

After seemingly being reunited with her thought-dead stepfather, Robin reminisces, but the man doesn't recall important memories that Duke should remember about him and Robin. Robin becomes suspicious, and starts telling him false memories, and catches him in his lie. The man then removes the mask, revealing himself to actually be Cesar Faison. All of the above-mentioned events that were presumed to have been Duke Lavery doing them, was actually Faison. Faison leaves the room and enters another room, where it is revealed he has also kidnapped the real Duke Lavery.

Faison goes back to Port Charles to pose as Duke and reconnect with Anna. With the help of Lulu Spencer and Elizabeth Spencer, Robert puts together that "Duke" is Cesar Faison. Meanwhile, Anna starts to notice strange things about "Duke", such as he now smokes, which he didn't before. Robert tries to convince Anna that Faison is "Duke", but Anna doesn't believe him. Anna then tells "Duke" that she wants to go to Switzerland for a vacation, which happens to be where Faison is keeping Robin.

Faison says that she should go rest in her room and Faison takes of his mask afterwards. Anna returns and breaks into after hearing noises of a struggle. Anna doesn't see anyone and enters the room until Faison comes and closes the door. Anna is devastated at seeing Faison (without his Duke mask). There is a struggle with Faison injecting Anna. Faison kills his hencemen that has taken the real Duke to the hotel room. Duke is transported back and Faison puts on the mask. Anna wakes up and "Duke" tells a fabricated story.

On December 12, Anna and "Duke" kiss and "Duke" asks if they should go into the bedroom. John McBain and Robert Scorpio are at the door and "Duke" answers the door. Robert and John tell Anna about their visit to the medical facility. While Robert is arguing with Anna and "Duke", John decides to turn up the heat in the room. Robert/John points out that "Duke" is the only one that is not sweating and they come up with the idea that Faison could be using a mask to masquerade as Duke. "Duke" has no patient for this and decides to walk out, but Robert decides to pour the hot oil on "Duke". The mask comes off in pieces and Anna sees Faison unmasked. John puts handcuffs until INTERPOL comes. Before INTERPOL takes him away, Anna slaps him.

In March 2013, Faison's "partner-in-crime" Dr. Liesl Obrecht comes to Port Charles and it is revealed that she is the mother of Dr. Britt Westbourne, who has just had a rough break up with Patrick Drake, Robin's husband, and plans to sabotage Patrick's relationship with Sabrina Santiago. Liesl encourages the plan and plots to have Britt announce something horrible on the night of The Nurses Ball. While Britt announces her news of being pregnant and claims the father is Patrick, Liesl watches from a TV set and reveals that Faison and Obrecht were lovers, and Faison is Britt's father.

Britt later reveals in a conversation with her mother that Obrecht was in love with Faison, but he never loved her back, even after she gave him a child. Britt also reveals that Faison was never interested in being a father to her, either. It's later revealed that Faison was never interested in Obrecht or Britt because he was obsessed with Anna & Robin. In October 2013, Anna learns that Robin is alive from Robert and she goes to Faison for information to confirm it.

However, Liesl has kidnapped Ben, Britt's "son", and has also gone to Europe.  She gave the baby to Robin (who is being held captive on Cassadine Island) and decides to go see Faison. "Anna" and Cesar have a conversation in which he professes his love to her, he tells her that though Liesl is loyal he will never love her and they were never and will never be anything. Faison also reveals that Robin is alive. In disbelief, "Anna" backs away and Faison backs her into a corner and they kiss passionately after which Anna admits her love for Faison. Faison is elated that "Anna" feels something for him until she takes of her scarf and mask to reveal she is actually Obrecht to which Faison screams in horror.

Obrecht tells Cesar about their "grandson" and he agrees to let her break him out of prison, so he could go and meet him. On their way out they run into the real Anna. Obrecht and Anna get into a physical struggle until Anna gets the upper hand and knocks Obrecht unconscious. Faison then comes out of the prison visiting room and reveals to Anna that Robin is alive. He even agrees to take Anna to Robin, but before he has the chance, Obrecht wakes up and knocks Anna unconscious, before escaping with Faison. Liesl then takes Faison to Cassadine Island, where he sees Robin and meets his "grandson".

Faison and Obrecht leave with Ben, and stay in another room at Cassadine Island. Obrecht tries to seduce Faison, saying they should raise their grandchild as a couple. Faison refuses to sleep with her unless she wears the Anna mask. Obrecht slaps him in hurt, and leaves. Soon after, Britt shows up, looking for "her" son. Faison is holding him, proudly declaring Ben as his grandson & heir. However, Britt says that Ben is not her child, though she doesn't explain how. Nikolas Cassadine, though, shows up, and gets Faison to hand Ben back to Britt. He also finds Robin and tries to escape. However, Anna & Robert also show up looking for Obrecht & Robin, and end up being trapped by Jerry in the same chamber Robin was held in. Jerry tells Robin to find a cure for his polonium poisoning, or her parents will die.

Jerry has Faison & Obrecht watch over Robin, Britt, & Ben while they go back to Port Charles so Robin can develop the cure. Obrecht is still bitter about Faison's rejection, and refuses to help him in any way. Meanwhile, Faison tells Robin that he killed Jason when she believes he'll come and save her. Duke ends up coming to Wyndemere, where they're staying, and discovers Faison & Obrecht. Faison captures Duke again, keeping him locked up in the Wyndemere tunnels right where Stephen Clay (AKA Caleb Morley) was at. Luke also shows up at Wyndemere, looking for Robert & Anna, and Faison locks him up, as well.

Anna & Robert escape from Jerry. They come to Wyndemere, and rescue the group. Anna captures Obrecht, and later finds Faison. After Nikolas & Luke are rescued, Anna is alone with Faison, and says she's going to kill him because he'll never stop hurting her family. Though Robert tries to stop her, Anna reminds him that he kept their daughter away from them, and they need to end him. Afterwards, Robert & Anna say they "took care" of Faison, though it's never specified what exactly they did to him.