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Cactus Mutant
Saboten Mutant (11) - A cactus monster. It can launch needles that can melt anything from an opening in its chest, emit vines from its shoulders, and attack with its claws. With more Gorgom Mutants awakening every day, their food supply of Gorugomes fruit was short, Darom cooked up a plan to grow them by having the Bat Mutant drop a weather-changing capsule into the ground to make them grow in the rain (which held embedded spores that caused anyone affected by them to become hosts to the Gorugomes by sapping their host's nutrients dry) and had help from Cactus Mutant. Kotaro headed to Mount Takayama and went into conflict with Cactus Mutant which was wounded by Battle Hopper and escaped. Kamen Rider BLACK followed the trail of its blood to where Gorgom had its infected captives (who were captured by the Bat Mutant) and battled Darom and Cactus Mutant. Kamen Rider BLACK could not attack it with it covered in thorns. Since too much water would make a cactus rot, Kamen Rider BLACK threw Cactus Mutant into the river which weakened it enough for it to be killed by the Rider Kick.