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Gransazers! You have lost! Feel the fear of Space Beast Cabyron! It's too late to save the Earth.
~ Belzeus to the Gransazers after sending Cabyron down to Earth
Cabyron is a dragon-like Garban serving under Belzeus and one of the final antagonists in Chouseishin Gransazer.


Cabyron was deployed by Belzeus to hold off the Gransazers while Gorgion completed his mission. Cabyron easily holds off the Chouseishin and heavily damages Guntras, keeping the Gransazers from being able to DaiSazer. Cabyron fights off several of the Chouseishin, before shooting down and apparently killing Tenma when he attempts to go to the Warp Monarch to negotiate.

Cabyron continues to have the upper hand and damages several other Chouseishin until Ran succeeds in contacting the Warp Monarch's Will and communicates the truth about Earth. Belzeus orders Cabyron to destroy the restored Chouseishin but is killed by DaiSazer.

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