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COVERS are Life Fiber entities that disseminate of Life Fibers throughout the world. They are antagonists in the anime Kill La Kill. Like all other Life Fibers COVERS are directly forged from Primordial Life Fibers.


The name of Revocs Corporation is an anagram of their name. According to Ragyo Kiryuin, the intent of COVERS is to "bind the heavens, the earth and mankind, covering all". They were dormany in underground castle of Kiryuin en masse until summoned by Ragyo at the Honnoji Academy. By episode 19 they begin absorbing humans left and right using life fiber thread that can ensnare humans.

To save absorbed humans by COVERS special weapon is required, although as the story goes on this weapon is used less and less when all protagonists have to do is just explode COVERS. To stop cloth-forms the life fiber thread must be severed: sever the thread and cloth-form stops functioning. The side effect of having been forcibly freed from COVERS seem to vary depending on human individuals. In addition, every time humans are rescued from COVERS they appear bare naked.


There are three types of COVERS in total: cloth-form COVERS and human-form COVERS. Cloth-form COVERS take the form of white business suits with a red bowtie. In order to remain active, they need to stay in contact with the Original Life Fiber usually by one or two Life Fiber strands that connect them to their source. However, by absorbing humans Human-form COVERS are created using humans as an energy source, thus allowing COVERS to act autonomously. Absorbed humans reveal their heads only, their head sizes are shriveled, wrinkled and lose skin pigmentation along with their sentience, reduced to screaming ferals. In this form, the COVERS gain a more muscular appearance, with their "bowtie" enlarging into eye-like growths and the face of its victim appearing in a necktie-shaped hole in their chests.

In episode 22 there was a Titan COVERS specialized in war. Unlike other COVERS this one is presumed to have been made by absorbing massive quantities of humans. After enough rampaging around it was defeated by Ryuko Matoi and her associates.