Alien 5

CKRY is the fourth member of the Seven Apostles, featured in Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME. He is voiced by Yoshimitsu Shimoyama.


In appearance, CKRY is a pale-skinned male with orange hair and a small beard, with a braid at his chin, and a steel-black spiked ornament at mouth height. He wears a massive black-colored armored suit with yellow trimming covering his entire body, which is adorned by spikes. Personality-wise, he is of a rather violent demeanor, and has a rather cold relation with the other Apostles, his twin SZZU being the only one who truly understands CKRY, in spite of his personality.

Like SZZU, he does not display any notable ability, except for his brute strength. Despite his bulky appearance, he is surprisingly quick on his feet.

Manga appearance

In the manga, the spiked ornament wrapped around his mouth is moved to around his eyes, signifying that he is blind. Despite his violent demeanor in the game, in the manga SAHA describes him as being a gentleman with a kind heart, and that his appearance does not suit him. He is also very social and, during his and SZZU's stay with PSS, even tries to teach BRS martial arts. Instead of his armor, he more often than not wears black business suits. He and SZZU were plotting a revolt against the alien government and he followed her when she joined up with PSS. Later, both he and SZZU are killed by XNFE while trying to defend PSS.

Battle Skills

  • Sweet Chat  - Heals health overtime.
  • Yellow Tiger Strike Drive - CKRY along with SZZU charges head on and strikes down their opponent two times. Impossible to evade.


  • CKRY was shown to be eating MZMA after Stella defeated him since it was clearly heard and seen that CKRY to be loudly muching and throwing away a piece of MZMA's armor.
  • CKRY appears to have a "masochist" attitude due to one of SSZU's skills, "Sweet Chat", of whipping him several times with her sword and immediately showing hearts floating beside his face and howling.
  • CKRY's name (Kali/Kari) means "Hunting" in Japanese.