Anyone in puberty tastes old and rotten!
~ Trick

CFW Trick is major enemy in Hyperdimension Neptunia. He is an incarnation of all the frustration players feel when a game is too difficult to beat. He really likes cheaters and those who don't have difficulty when playing games.


As he likes cheaters, Trick may also like to cheat or be tricky with others. He acts as a dirty old man towards younger girls and almost raped Ram and Rom due to everyone watching and finding it disturbing to the point of doing nothing.

It's also been said Linda has a hard time with him due to this.


A drooling, dirty yellow armored like being resembling either a pig, or possibly a lizard with an enormous tongue like piece. He has a scaled tail, almost reminiscent to a snake's.


  • In a recent poll, Trick the Hard has come in 22nd place.
  • In the Japanese version, he is voiced by Yoji Ueda.