For the sake of our goddess.
~ CFW Magic

CFW Magic is an enemy and the head member of the Four Felons and a devout follower to the Arfoire Movement.

She is part of the group that kidnapped and fought the Hearts, managing to single-handedly beat them all at first. She even managed to stop a sword from Purple Heart with just a hand inches from her body.


She looks up to Arfoire like a goddess and acts as her protector. She is the personification of a Fangirl/Fanboy.


Magic appears to be half nude in appearance. Being one to wear very revealing/barely-little attire in total. Her skin is a lilac-white color, which she compliments with purple makeup/lipstick. Her eyes are yellow, while her nails are light pink colored. Her hair is a bright pink-neon color, worn in pigtails with long spiked bangs framing her face. For some reason she wears an eyepatch.

Magic wears black armor type clothing with her outfit resembling a very revealing Bikini attached on the sides by straps. In her hair she has spiked/webbed-styled pieces on both pigtails, along with a halo-like ornament above her head. On both arms she has black armor resembling gloves that are fingerless and begin at her elbows. Her boots also are made of armor and begin at her knees. Her wings are spiked segments attached to each other with pink "blades" on the bottom of each one. Her clothing appears to be a twisted parody of the CPU's outfits.

Powers and Abilities

CFW Magic fights using a Scythe and has been shown to be exceptionally strong, being able to take down the Goddesses with ease at the beginning of the game. Also, she has an attack called "Ice Impulse" where she uses one hand to blast the enemy with a wave of ice.


  • In both the Japanese and English versions, she shares the same Voice Actress as Arfoire: Chiaki Takahashi and Laura Post respectively.
  • Magic has very similar hair to Miku Hatsune, a vocaloid.
  • In a recent popularity poll, Magic has come in 24th place. She placed the third lowest out of all 26 characters.
  • Magic has the biggest breast size out of all the females in the game, being an H, while Vert and Green Heart are F's.
  • Magic's name may be a reference to Swap Magic, a piracy method used in order to trick a PlayStation 2 console into reading a burned disc as a legitimate game.