Yeah, that's right. This is how a long-standing rivalry should be. I'll end your lives here, today!
~ Judge

CFW Judge a villain who embodies the feelings of game creators after giving up on their dream because their game didn't sell well. He’s known to go into a frenzy without any reason.

He is seen using an axe.


When it comes to his surroundings, Judge seems to lack an attention span. He's also incredibly violent and finds himself bored if he goes too long without a fight or killing something, even threatening his own allies.


A big, black bulky armored like being with neon blue lining around all of his parts, as well as silver accessories and two big skulls.

Powers and Abilities

Judge doesn't seem to have any powers beyond his fighting ability, but he does possess a surprisingly good amount of defense, able to take Nepgear's most powerful strike without any damage at the start of the game.


  • Judge's VA is Kenjiro Tsuda.
  • In a recent popularity poll, Judge has placed second lowest, beating Mina by 4 points. This makes him the least popular ASIC member despite being somewhat popular with Western fans.
  • CFW Judge has a personality that seems to be just like the feelings that he is the embodiment of, angry and hot tempered.