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You can have OCP. It's all yours. Sayonara.
~ The CEO

The "CEO" is a wealthy businessman who was the successor to the former Chief Executive Officer of Omni Consumer Products, better known as the "Old Man" and a minor character and anti-hero in the critically despised sequel RoboCop 3.

He was portrayed by Rip Torn.


He presumably came into this position when OCP was acquired by the Kanemitsu Corporation, he was later fired by the corporation's namesake owner Kanemitsu himself after the death of Paul McDaggett but soon could no longer be a greedy rich man hated by everyone in the poverty-stricken neighborhoods of Detroit as he turned good and paid respect and a good attitude towards RoboCop.


While he seemed a competant buisnessman, He was a blowhard at best, however he did seem to have the sense to know when he was beat.


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