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C is the main antagonist of legend of heroes trails of cold steel and is the alternate persona of Crow armburst.

C is the leader of the Imperial Liberation Front a group of people that are trying to kill the chancellor for different reason's. Thought out the game C have being pretending to be a Thros student by the name of Crow witch is his real name for two years and made a fake persona so it would be harder for the police to find him. thought out the game he help and let his men try to start wars flood citys feed people to monsters and shooting canons that are stong enough to distroy a city filled with over 8,00000 people.

in chapter 6 he kidnaps some minor's and try's to kill the main characters after he lost he use flash grinades and fake his own death

in the final chapter C shoots the chancellor and he and his men start attacking the city with robots killing people C then whent to thros the school he used to go to and start to attack it after the final battle C defeated the main characters forceing Rean to run

in the Sequel C dies as Crow Armbrust and redeem him self.

In battle C fights with a daul blade in his left hand and can also send out small bombs and can use  all

Elementals when he is crow and as C he uses dark

Elementals in battle.   In the final boss fight C is fight inside a giant robot

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