Buzzo is a major antagonist in LISA: THE PAINFUL, seemingly having taken interest in Brad. Buzzo also confronts Brad on many occasions. He is a mysterious warlord who is heavily involved in Olathe's Joy trade and offers Joy to Brad on many occasions.

Main Story

Eventually, Bernard, now called Buzzo for his deeds, refuses to continue mutilating Lisa. Lisa, unable to stand Marty's abuse and rape, and Brad's failure to help her, commits suicide. Buzzo blames Brad for failing to rescue his love, and is determined to blame anyone but himself. Eventually, he kidnaps Brad's adoptive son Dusty and saws off his face. Yado and Buzzo ultimately succeeded in their plan, with much of Olathe being killed in the war, killed by the mutants, or mutating themselves. Having now served his purpose, Yado casts Buzzo and what little remains of his gang aside to act as the sole ruler of his new world.  Buzzo acknowledges that Brad was a good man who truly loved Buddy, Buzzo finally begins to mutate from joy use, becoming an enormous mutant before Buddy's eyes. Even in his Joy-addled state, Buzzo is able to thank Buddy for freeing him as he dies.