When you're good, you're me.
~ Buzz Buzzard

Buzz Buzzard is a burglar who likes to make easy money by deceiving people with dirty tricks and the main antagonist of Woody Woodpecker series. Every time he appears, he is up to something. Some of his tricks inlude selling fake or very bad products, forcing people to sign contracts with him, but he can also appeal to common theft.

Many Faces of Buzz Buzzard

Buzz Buzzard was know for having many different appearances, each time with a different "Job".

  • Outlaw Buzz Buzzard: In many of the Wild-West episodes, Buzz Buzzard appears as a fearsome outlaw, whose mere mention of his name make all sheriffs run like chickens.
  • Burglar Buzz Buzzard: Pickpocketing is not too low for a guy like Buzz Buzzard. If money is in game, Buzz Buzzard is sure to appear!
  • Con Buzz Buzzard: Buzz Buzzard has a very imaginative mind when it comes to swindling people. He can pose as a vendor and sell many unorthodox things (many of them fake) to get easy money from suckers.
  • Other appearances: Buzz Buzzard also appeared as a common worker in many occasions, being the colleague of Woody on these same occasions, but always doublecrossing him to compete for something both want.


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