When you're good, you're me.
~ Buzz Buzzard

Buzz Buzzard is the most recurring villain from the Woody Woodpecker Show and in many ways the most popular, replacing Wally Walrus as Woody's foil. He was originally voiced by Lionel Stander and later by Dallas McKennon. Buzz Buzzard also appears as one of the three major antagonists in the New Woody Woodpecker Show alongside Wally Walrus and Miss Meany, where he is voiced by Mark Hamil.

Buzz Buzzard is the show's character with the most consistent portrayal, acting as a antagonist in all of his appearances. His visual design is the one which changed the most during the show's run, often going alongside his different portrayals. Buzz has had many varied roles, including a Wild West outlaw, pirate, mugger and sometimes as a rival co-worker of Woody. His most recurring role is that of a burglar/con artist, often out to make easy money by selling fake or very bad products, forcing people to sign contracts with him, though he can also appeal to common theft. He is shown to have a very imaginative mind when it comes to swindling people, being the one antagonist in the show to not be portrayed as a dimwit.


Woody Woodpecker Show

  • Wet Blank Policy (1948)
  • Wild and Woody (1948)
  • Drooler's Delight (1949)
  • Puny Express (1951)
  • Slingshot 6-7/8 (1951)
  • Destination Meatball (1951)
  • Stage Hoax (1952)
  • Scalp Treatment (1952)
  • The Great Who-Dood-It (1952)
  • Bucaneer Woodpecker (1953)
  • Operation Sawdust (1953)
  • Belle Boys (1953)
  • Hypnotic Hick (1953)
  • Hot Noon (Or 12 O'Clock For Sure) (1953)
  • Socko in Morocco (1954)
  • Alley to Bali (1954)
  • Hot Rod Huckster (1954)
  • Real Gone Woody (1954)
  • Bunco Busters (1955)
  • Tumble Weed Greed (1969)
  • Ship A'hoy Woody (1969)
  • Flim Flam Fountain (1970)
  • Indian Corn (1972)
  • Show Biz Beagle (1972)
  • The Genie with the Light Touch (1972)

New Woody Woodpecker Show

  • Fake Vacation
  • Pinheads
  • S & K Files
  • Bad Hair Day
  • Camp Buzzard
  • Baby Buzzard
  • Bonus Round Woody
  • Woody's Roommate
  • Winnie's New Car
  • Goldiggers
  • Swiss Family Buzzard
  • A Very Woody Christmas
  • Carney Con
  • Dr. Buzzard's Time Chamber
  • Spy Guy
  • Life in the Pass Lane
  • That Healing Feeling
  • Super Woody
  • Teacher's Pet
  • Stage Fright
  • Hooray for Holly-Woody
  • Twelve Lies of Christmas
  • Snow Way Out
  • Cue the Pool Shark
  • Homerun Woody
  • The Fabulous Foodbox by Scamco
  • Moto-Double Cross
  • Surf Crazy
  • Birdhounded
  • Miniature Golf Mayhem



  • Buzz Buzzard was based on Ben Buzzard, a character from Donal Duck's short The Flying Jalopy.
  • Buzz Buzzard is Woody's adversary who loses the most, rarely if ever getting the last laugh.
  • Buzz Buzzard has died in at least two episodes, Wild and Woody and Buccaneer Woodpecker. In both episodes he gets blown up with dynamite and becomes a ghost.
  • The only episode where Buzz never acts as an antagonist is Alley to Bally, which he co-protagonizes with Woody.


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