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Buzz and Delete are the secondary antagonists of the famed PBS Kids show, Cyberchase. They are a set of hench-robots who work for the Hacker.Like any other set of paired henchmen, they accidentally foul things up for their boss.


They usually help Hacker in doing his dirty work to spread chaos in Cyberspace and trying to destroy Motherboard. In spite of this, Hacker is shown to be very rude to them and berates them whenever something goes wrong (even when it's not really their fault), such as calling them 'dunce-buckets' or 'nickel-plated twits'. Despite this, they still are loyal to him.

Delete loves bunnies and would prefer to run a bunny zoo, while Buzz loves donuts and would prefer to run a donut shop. Sometimes, they want to get back at Hacker for his mistreatment towards them. At one moment when Hacker temporarily loses his memory, Buzz humiliates Hacker and treats him as a slave. Another time was when Delete pretended to be Motherboard to fool everyone in Cyberspace; in creating chaos, he presented out a contract list to Hacker to ensure his cooperation. They even aided the heroes into destroying Hacker's good luck after he fired them so that they could get their jobs back.

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