The Butterfly is the main antagonist in The Amazing World Of Gumball episode of the same name. He has rainbow-colored wings. Unlike most butterflies that have innocent harmless personalities, this one has the power to create chaos (called the Butterfly Effect).

Role in the episode

After Miss Simian warns her students about the butterfly effect, Gumball and Darwin ignored her warning and watched the Butterfly hatch from his chrysalis. Then Gumball released him from the jar containing him and flew off.

The Butterfly first landed on one of the Construction Men's head, making him scream in panic, the other Construction Men tried to shoo it off but the Butterfly flew away, and the head of the Construction Man's head flew into the sky.

Then the butterfly effect started to take effect, knocking down the citizens of Elmore, knocking Hector down, causing the giant to sneeze, blowing Charlie away and landed into the television, creating a tornado.

After Miss Simian returned from her break, she was frightened that the Butterfly was released and took cover. The Butterfly returned, landing on Gumball's hand, wearing a smug grin on his face, and flew off, showing a cyclone heading towards them, ending the episode.

It is unknown what happened to him afterwards, although he was presumely sucked into the cyclone presumely killing him.


  • The Butterfly's face belongs to Chuck Klein, The Amazing World Or Gumball's former storyboard supervisor.
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