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Butch Pooch is a supporting antagonist of Django Unchained. He is Calvin Candie's right hand man and personal bodyguard.


Butch is first seen when Django and Dr. King Shultz arrive at Calvin Candie's residence where he is holding a mandingo fight. Butch is calmly playing pool as they all watch two unfortunate slaves fight each other to the death. After Django talks back to Candie during their introduction Butch shows surprise and disdain for him and his remark, asking "what did you say boy?", and is ready to assault Django on behalf of his boss before candie stops him.

Butch is seen constantly at the side of his boss with his trade mark double barrel shotgun at the ready, as well as the revolver he keeps in his belt. Later in the film After Candie and his house slave Stephen discover that Django and Shultz are not who they appear to be he confronts them and has Butch hol both of them at gun point until they agree to pay full price for Django's wife Broomhilda. After the deal is done and Candie sarcastically asks Shultz to shake his hand, a disgusted and angered Shultz shoots Candie in the chest. Once Butch realizes that Shultz had shot his boss he turns his shotgun on him and shoots him point blank. However Django quickly avenges the death of his friend by taking Butch's own pistol from his belt and shooting him in the chest with it, killing him instantly, before killing many more of Candie's men in a bloody shoot out inside the mansion.


  • Butch is portrayed by James Remar, who also has another brief villainous role in Django as Ace Speck, one of the brothers marching Django and his fellow slaves to be sold on the market.


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