Butch McGee

Butch McGee is the president of the Gashouse Protection Society in The Three Stooges short, Three Loan Wolves. Larry says he sold him a guitar full of water and a flat bass (no pun intended). He came to the Three Stooges' pawn shop and threaten to shake them down for money. But they were able to throw him out of their shop. His girlfriends, Molly the Glimmer Girl, carries around her sister's kid so the cops would expect her with a baby in her arms. But they couldn't take him on the road, and she can't return it to her sister, the cops had the place covered. Butch implied she leave the baby with the Stooges until the heat at her sister's clears. Later on, he returns to the pawn shop with his men to beaten up the Stooges for refusing his offer. But the Stooges was able to beat up him and his men. They called the police and had Butch and his boys arrested.

He is protrayed by Harold Brauer.