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Buster King is Mr. J.B. King's nephew and bully who is seen in a Shining Time Station episode: "Bully for Mr. Conductor". He is the primary antagonist of the episode. He always threatens to beats Dan up, but the primary reason of his dominance over Dan is because his uncle is rich and powerful. But thanks to Mr. Conductor, Dan was able to stand up to Buster, and when he threatens to tell his "dumb uncle" what had happened, he got caught and was punished by his Uncle for bullying Dan, lying about it and threatening Mr. Conductor.

In "Schemer Presents"

In a segment of "Schemer Presents", Buster learns from Horace Schemer how to share with someone, in this case sharing food with Schemee.

Fun Fact

Ira Glasner stated in a late '90s interview that he generally played tough characters and when he was asked "Do you like Thomas The Tank Engine?", he answered with "Of course! Who doesn't?"

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