Ooh, look! I'm shaking like a leaf!
~ Bushroot
I'm really not sinister, just misunderstood.
~ Bushroot

Reginald Bushroot (simply known as Bushroot) is the major recurring antagonist from Darkwing Duck.

He was voiced by the late Tino Insana.


Dr. Bushroot was a very intelligent scientist. He was researching a way for animals to be able to do photosynthesis. But the other scientists bullied him, calling him crazy. About to have the funds for his research cut, he becomes desperate and uses his experiment on himself. The experiment turns him into half-animal, half-plant. With his new powers, he get his revenge on the bullies by killing them (notably the only time Bushroot ever attacked someone willingly), and set to use his powers to get money to fund his experiments.

Bushroot later joined the Fearsome Five under the leadership of NegaDuck.


Although Bushroot is very intelligent and manipulative, he is also a very shy and sad person. All he really wanted was to people to understand his ideals and what he was trying to achieve. He generally doesn't mean any harm with his plans, yet they tend to backfire horribly on him.


Bushroot appeared in thirteen episodes:

Beauty and the Beet

Easy Come, Easy Grows

Night of the Living Spud

Just Us Justice Ducks-Part I

Just Us Justice Ducks-Part II

Life, the Negaverse, and Everything

Darkwing Doubloon

The Incredible Bulk

Twin Beaks

Slime Okay, You're Okay

Jail Bird

A Star is Scorned

It's a Wonderful Leaf