That's quite a mouthful.
~ Matt about the Burritoranosaurus

The Burritoranosaurus is a burrito-dinosaur from Matt's fantasy and the antagonist of Eddsworld episode Hide and Seek.



When Matt plays the game of hide and seek with Edd and Tom, he hides in the fridge. Constant coldness causes him to have hallucinations which he gets into a snowy forest in. He sits under a enormous mushroom when he sees some tiny food creatures running and screaming. Matt catches a muffin that tells him there is a Burritoranosaurus in the forest. Suddenly, there is a loud roar above their heads and the giant Burritoranosaurus grabs the mushroom and eats it. Matt decides to fight it, takes a fork and eats the monster from inside its body. When he ends, the Burritoranosaurus falls down dead and the food creatures choose Matt to their king.