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Byron Calley (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 2 9

Byron Calley was born in Secaucus, New Jersey. He became a professional criminal, as Burner, and was recruited by Magneto into his second Brotherhood of Evil Mutants team. He battled Captain America in his first mission with the Brotherhood. Next, the team renamed itself Mutant Force when Magneto abandoned them. Mutant Force was employed by the Mandrill in his scheme to take over the U.S. Mutant Force battled the Valkyrie, Wasp, Hellcat, Nighthawk, and Yellowjacket. Mutant Force was then recruited into government service, and battled the Hulk. Burner testified against the Defenders before a special government tribunal. Mutant Force and Mad Dog were then employed by Professor Power's Secret Empire, and battled the Defenders to thwart their attempt to stop the launch of a missile to instigate World War III.

Some time later, Mutant Force became the Resistants, a mutant terrorist group in opposition to the Mutant Registration Act, and mutant rights activists. Burner changed his name to Crucible during his time with the Resistants. The Resistants rescued the mutant Quill from the custody of then-current fifth Captain America and Bucky. The Resistants then rescued Mentallo from the Guardsmen's custody, and battled Captain America and Bucky again. During the battle, Crucible was accidentally non-fatally shot by Mentallo (who had taken the name Think-Tank). Crucible was later seen trying to bring down Captain America at the behest of the Red Skull, but was severely injured in the fight. Apparently recovered, he was later among the Resistants protesting in Washington for mutant rights, where he encountered the original Captain America.

He was later seen, again as Burner and part of Mutant Force, fighting against the New Warriors but was defeated by the young heroes.

Television HistoryEdit

Byron Calley animated

Byron Calley appears in the episode "Sancturary" of the X-Men animated series. He is depicted as an old friend of Gambit's who joins Fabian Cortez's acolytes on Asteroid M. Calley helps the X-Men defeat Cortez when they discover that he tried to assassinate Magneto.

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