Burly, Blabberwort, And Bluebell are villains in the 2000 Miniseries, The 10th Kingdom.

They were played by Hugh O'Gorman, Dawnn Lewis, and Jeremiah Birkett.

This troll trio serves as henchmen of Christine Lewis, mother of Virginia Lewis and main villain, and the children of Relish, the troll king. When they are freed from prison by Relish they form an alliance with Christine and later just serve her after their father is killed. They travel through a magic mirror to New York City, where unlike anywhere they had ever been before and completely new they name New York City the 10th kingdom. They also look for Prince Wendell, knocking out unconcious Anthony Lewis, janitor and hero, with troll dust, and get trapped in an elevator by Virginia Lewis, waitress and main heroine. 

The 3 escape the elevator and travel back to the 9 kingdoms after the heroes. Anthony uses a magic spell from a golden fish to turn the trio into gold. But the trolls get free of the curse and Christine tells them that their father had been killed and to obey her and only her. They do so and continue to hunt the heroes down and with the assistance of The Huntsman, they capture the heroes but Anthony and Virginia escape.

Angry but choosing not to kill them as they still might be useful to Christine, she spares their lives, and near the end of the miniseries, they are defeated and knocked unconcious by the heroes. It's unknown what happens to them in the movie although in the novelization they are sent back to their kingdom alive.