Burke is the main villain of the 1981 thriller, Blow Out. 

He was played by John Lithgow.
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With the intention that Sally would be killed in the car crash, he starts going on a killing spree by strangling women, who look like Sally and earning him the alias, the Liberty Bell Strangler. Jack who's investigating the incident gets Sally involved, who gets Karp's film of the car crash and when it's synced to Jack's studio shows the gunshot, which anticipated the blow out. But there's not a single soul, who believes his story and everything he does is made quiet by the rumored conspiracy. Eventually Jack gathers evidence of the assassination attempt, having Sally wear a hidden microphone and getting her to meet a media contact.

Jack's shocked when he discovers that the contact is none other than Burke himself, who plans to kill her and add her to his collection of strangling murders. Briskly Jack tries to let her know, but Sally and Burke get out of range and into the Liberty Day Parade. Jack drives across the city of Philadelphia to try and rescue Sally from Burke, but he crashes his car and becomes unconcious. When Jack regains conciousness, Burke has already taken Sally to a rooftop, where he begins to kill her.

Jack listens to this attack on his earpiece from the hidden microphone Sally is wearing and finds them. Hearing Sally screaming Jack runs to the top of the roof to save her, but Jack is too late when he gets to the top and finds that Burke has already strangled and killed Sally. While Jack gets to the top, Burke marks Sally's corpse with his knife signing his bell pattern, which Burke puts on all his victims. Jack surprises Burke and manages to overpower him and stab Burke to death with his own weapon killing him.