Burke was a secondary antagonist in the 1979 film Angel's Revenge. He was a kingpin who sold drugs throughout southern California.

In 1979 Michelle Wilson, a Las Vegas pop singer, discovered her brother was on illegal drugs after he was beaten by a low level street pusher named Sticks on the orders of his supplier Mike Farrell. Assembling a team of women she decided to take on the cartel. Her group first kidnapped Sticks. Using the intelligence gathered in the subsequent interrogation they intercepted a drug shipment, which resulted in Farrell being summoned to Burke's place. There Burke chastised Farrell for not keeping control of everything, and warned Farrell that he would have to take matters into his own hands.

The women were soon able to blow up a distribution plant owned by Burke, putting a serious dent in the drug trade. Burke summoned Farrell again, who found Burke painting by the pool. There Burke angrily criticized Farrell not only for the destruction of the processing plant but the drugs that had been lost in the explosions. Burke had his men scout the location and found tools that had been dropped, complete with prints on them. Burke was able to run the prints and found they belonged to the school teacher April Thomas.

Farrell was soon able to capture April and bring her back to Burke's compound. Fortunately for April the high school student Trish who had earlier invited herself on to the team had spied Farrell kidnapping April and alerted the other women. Tying her to a heavy pot Burke's men threw her in to the pool, which dragged her down towards the bottom of the pool. Despite struggling to keep her head above water April refused to answer Burke's questions, and claimed that she had done it all on her own.

The rest of the women soon invaded the compound. In a pitched battle they were able to eliminate Farrell and nearly all of Burke's men. As they prepared to gather up their stuff and leave Burke grabbed April. Burke shot Trish as she ran up to the pool. Burke made the women put down their weapons and was able to kill them off when he was shot by the wounded Trish. Burke fell into his pool and died.


  • The character of Burke was played by the English-American actor Peter Lawford. By the time this movie was released Lawford's best days were behind him.