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You’re… here... I’m trapped... And I’m lonely… So very lonely… Won’t you join me?
~ Buried Alive (Buried Alive Model) when the player encounters him
The Buried Alive Model

Buried Alive

Buried Alive is an urban legend by Creepypasta who was supposedly intended to appear in the Japanese version of Pokémon Red and Green. Often referred to as its code in the Buryman script as the Buried Alive Model.


Buried Alive is a zombie who also happens to be a Pokémon trainer as well. He was intended to be the "boss" of the Pokémon Tower, but was, however, replaced by the Marowak ghost in the future games. Once the player reaches the top of the Tower, Buried Alive will say the quote as mentioned above, and a Trainer battle will begin. His Pokemon consist of Gengar, Muk, and two "White Hands".

White Hand

The White Hand is a "Pokémon" which is depicted as a shriveled, decayed hand, with attention to the detail: flesh is peeled back from the bone, tendons dangle realistically from the wrist. Its moves are known as "Fist" and "Brutal", and is able to transform.

Battling Buried Alive

Buried Alive's first Pokemon is a lvl 94 Muk, which he wil use stat-raising items and moves, like X-Attack , Acid Armor, and Harden. Muk's known moves are Sludge, Harden, and Acid armor. Next, he sends in Gengar. Gengar's known moves are Dream Eater and Night Shade. The two White Hands use the transform attack to copy the opposing Pokemon's form and attacks. 

After the battle

Strangely, if the player defeats Buried Alive, the game freezes and nothing else.

However, losing to Buried Alive goes into further detail; he will say "Finally, fresh meat!", followed by lines of gibberish. Additionally, Buried Alive would drag the player back to his grave, devouring the player in the process. This was the intended Game Over Screen.

Buried Alive's Pokemon