Burbakker Teep

Burbakker Teep was a Gran thug of Meeko Ghintee and a minor antagonist in Star Wars: Bounty Hunter.


Burbakker at some point began his career as an arms dealer and destroyed numerous facilities that belong to the Republic Security Force. For his crimes, the Security Force put up a bounty on Teep rewarding anyone claim Burbakker 1,000 credits alive and 500 credits dead. After the bounty was posted, Burbakker became associated with smugglers and the Muttani criminal Meeko Ghintee. 

When Jango Fett was hunting down Meeko in the Outland Station, the owner of the station Roz informed Fett that some of Ghintee's men had a good price on their heads including Burbakker. Jango claimed the bounty on Burbakker by capturing him alive for 1,000 credits although he could kill him for 500 credits depending on the player.