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Buppa is the main antagonist of the anime series Tokyo Tribe 2. An extremely obese and inhumanly large crime lord, Buppa's very first appearance in the first episode shows him sitting in a jacuzzi being caressed by several prostitutes, and in the scene right after that, in the moment that not only the character but the series itself is most infamous for, Buppa, in his bathrobe, is approached by his men who bring him a boy they caught interfering with their operations. Buppa then takes the boy behind a curtain and anally rapes him to death, splitting apart the length of his body up from his anus. This scene has gained notoriety on the internet, almost like a Shock Site, and is known as "Goosh Goosh" for the phrase Buppa continues to say while doing this.


  • It is also believed that Buppa was based off of Jabba the Hutt, as they were both crime lords, both extremely ugly and obese, and both keep women around as slaves. They also are not capable of much yet have many soldiers to serve them and both kill anyone who tries to foil their plans. Fortunately he met his end by one of his own servants, who literally stabbed him in the back.

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