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Bunny Ruckus is Uncle Ruckus' mother. She loves white people and told that they had found him in the doorstep as a white baby and that Mister Ruckus' reason of abuse was that he (Uncle) had been white. She is the deuteragonist of the Boondocks episode The Color Ruckus.


Bunny is an extremely deluded and emotionally damaged woman having lived under the delusion that despite or because of an obvious lifetime of abuse and poor decisions, her whole life would have been better if she had just been born white. Although she loves Ruckus, her rather poor method of raising him ultimately made him no different than Mister.


She was a young woman with blond hair, wearing a blue dress and had a slender figure. But over the years she has grown old and is now seen wearing a black dress, has several wrinkles and developed a pot belly and a quite fat physique. Her age is unknown, but it's probable for it to be really high, being that her son Uncle is already 58. Right after husband died, she married her white lover.

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