Great Youma, Bunbo
Bunbo is appeared in episode 027. He was one of the Seven Great Youma of the Dark Kingdom who were loyal to Queen Beryl during the Silver Millennium and participated in her invasion of the Moon Kingdom. Ultimately, Queen Serenity imprisoned them in seven separate shards of the Ginzuishou, known as the Nijizuishou (Rainbow Crystals) because each one was a different color of the rainbow. In the present day, they were reincarnated into seven individuals (six humans and one cat) with no memory of their existence as youma. Bunbo was sealed within the yellow Nijizuishou, and was reincarnated as Ryou Urawa, a young man who used his psychic/precognitive abilities to learn the answers for exams and ultimately make higher test scores than Ami Mizuno. Zoisite used his Kurozuishou to locate Urawa, and attacked him as he was leaving Parlor Bear. Urawa angrily told Zoisite that he would rather die than become a "pawn for the devil," so he attempted to attack the villain. Unfortunately, he was no match for Zoisite, who quickly knocked him to the ground. Sailor Moon intervened and attempted to distract Zoisite while Sailor Mercury led Urawa to safety, but Zoisite quickly found the boy and extracted the Nijizuishou, causing him to immediately transform into the youma Bunbo. He did, however, still retain his human mind and heart, and tried to attack Zoisite once more, completely shocking the villain and causing him to lose the Nijizuishou he had just acquired: it dropped directly into Sailor Mercury's open hands. Zoisite then used the Kurozuishou to affect Bunbo's mind, causing him to grow in strength and size and become more aggressive. Sailor Moon quickly attempted to use Moon Healing Escalation to turn Bunbo back into his human form, but he was too strong, and the attack failed. Bunbo began chasing the senshi, shooting large razor blades at them. Luna instructed Sailor Moon that in order to transform him, they would have to weaken the youma's energy first. After pursuing the senshi for some time, Bunbo managed to corner them by felling a tree in their path. Luckily, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter suddenly arrived on the scene and used their Fire Soul and Supreme Thunder attacks, managing to destroy Bunbo's primary weapons: two pairs of shears which were attached to his arms. Sailor Mercury then used Sabão Spray to confuse Bunbo, while Sailor Moon used Moon Tiara Action to weaken him. Sailor Moon was then able to use Moon Healing Escalation to cause Bunbo to transform back into Urawa.