Hey Test! Give us the black frisbee now. We don't want to play with it we just want to steal something from you to make you feel bad.
~ Bumper
You look like a dork Test.
~ Bumper
Bumper Randalls is a villain from the cartoon television show Johnny Test. He is a bully who likes to pick on children at his school and neighborhood. He likes to pick on the main protagonist Johnny Test. His full name is Mitchell "Bumper" Randalls but in most of his appearances he is called Bumper.

Notable Episode Appearances

"Johnny Long Legs": Bumper appeared in the beginning of the episode where he was playing dodgeball in gym class. He also tried to attack Johnny after school but got a wedgie. He later appeared in the episode where he tried to feed a spider (who he did not know was Johnny) to his pet lizard.

"Johnny Fu": Bumper used his martial arts that he had learned to bully all the students at the middle school. He began attacking Johnny and the other students randomly throughout the school. He also earned his black belt and decided to rule over the school and forced the principal to take the day off. Johnny fought him and defeated him in a martial arts fight where Bumper decided to give up on his tyranny of the school.



  • Bumper has a pet lizard, bull dog, and two cats.
  • In "Johnny X Strikes Back", Bumper has the power to turn his body into rocks. He has this power to help Johnny fight an evil organization called Johnny Stopping Evil Force 5.