Pitch Perfect Featurette - Meet Bumper (2012) - Anna Kendrick Movie HD01:11

Pitch Perfect Featurette - Meet Bumper (2012) - Anna Kendrick Movie HD

Meet bumper(Talking Adam DeVine)


Bumper Allen is the secondary antagonist of the film Pitch Perfect, where he is played by Adam DeVine. In the films sequel he moves up to anti-hero status, becoming a love interest for Fat Amy.


Bumper is best described as egocentric, self-centered, mean-spirited and disrespectful. He is the lead singer and leader of the Treblemakers, an all boy singing group at Barden University. He is known not to be well-liked by many; it is also hinted that his own fellow Treblemaker members.

Pitch Perfect

Bumper is first introduced in the opening where he and the Treblemakers preform Don't Stop the Music successfully. He is seen backstage where he insults the Bellas, an all-female singing group and their main rivals, and their leader, Audrey. After a infamous vomiting instant, the Bellas are humiliated and forced to change their tactics.

The following scenes with Bumper are more shown of the character being a jerk. He is seen causing a fight with retired singers of the school and throwing a taco at Fat Amy. But his most villainous moments in the film are involved with the character Benji. Benji is a devoted fan of the Treblemakers, particularly Bumper himself, Benji explains that he had watched them preform in the Mall of American years earlier. Bumper dismisses his fan as weird. But when Benji gives an excellent audition with flying colors, Bumper still rejects him, just out of his discontent to Benji.

At the end of the film, Bumper selfishly abandons his team at the ICCA Finals to sing back up for John Mayer's new CD, leaving his fate unknown. Yet Benji is given the chance to replace him, fulfilling dream Bumper denied him.

Pitch Perfect 2

Bumper is set to return in Pitch Perfect 2. In the trailer, he is seen flirting with Fat Amy, just like he did in the first film.