The Bully is the adversary of The Puzzle Place episode, "Bully for Jody". He is never shown in person; only on Rebus' screen, and he's always calling. He is mean to Jody Silver by always stealing her lunch. At one point, he threatens her that she'll be sorry if she tells the teacher.

The third time he calls via Rebus, he demands she bring him a lunch, but with previous help from Sinbad, Jody stands up to him and refuses; however, she does say that if he wants to be friends, she may share her lunch with him, but he won't get it if he tries to take it. It doesn't seem to work, because he says it'll be just him and her on the playground. In that case, Jody decides to have a surprise for him.

The Bully is played by Ben Ryan Ganger.