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Bullseye was Bill Sikes' dog and a minor antagonist in the many adaptations of Oliver Twist. Bullseye is a bull terrier according to the novel.

Bullseye is very loyal to Bill Sikes untill Bill brutally murdered Nancy near London Bridge. This made Bullseye frightened and everytime Bill ordered Bullseye to come to him, the now frightened mutt runs away, only to be found by Mr Brownlow, who uses Bullseye to track down Bill (Bullseye inadvertedly betrayed his master when he fled).

Even though Bullseye was very loyal to his master Bill Sikes prior to Nancy's murder, Bill wasn't above abusing his own dog to the point where Bullseye would need stitches near his eyes.

In the 2007 miniseries after Bill Sikes commits suicide in the sewers, Bullseye ends up being looked after by The Artful Dodger, who himself was grieving the death of the recently hanged Fagin.

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