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I missed! I never miss!
~ Bullseye when Daredevil causes him to miss his target. Bullseye's most famous line
~ Bullseye after he succeds to kill Elektra's father; Nicholas

Bullseye is the secondary antagonist of the film Daredevil. He is a ruthless proffesional assassin hired by the Kingpin to kill Nicholas Natchois and his family and especially the Daredevil.

He was portrayed by Colin Farrell, who also played Gellert Grindelwald (disguised as Percival Graves) in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016).


Bullseye, like his comic counterpart, is a sociopath who enjoys hurting others. He kills people either out of payment, out of annoyance or just because he has fun doing it. He enjoys mocking and toying weaker opponents. When around women he finds attractive, like the stewardess on his plane or Elektra during their fight, he acts suave and flirtatious. Elektra in particular he quickly develops a sadistic attraction to, he enjoys hitting on her because he loves provoking her and forcefully kisses her when he kills her. When he's unable to fight back, he becomes a sniveling coward begging for mercy. He also takes pride in his skills, taking Daredevil dodging his attack personal.

Role in film

Bullseye uses shurikens carried in his belt buckle as his main weapen, although he uses many small objects, including peanuts, paperclips, playing cards, Daredevil's billy club, shards of broken glass, and a pecil as back-up. He is hired by the Kingpin to kill Nicholas Natchois. Bullseye kills him with Daredevil's billy club, causing his daughter Elektra to believe that Daredevil is the killer. Bullseye begins to perceive Daredevil a personal challenge, because he is the only target he has ever missed. Later, Elektra attacks Daredevil, seeking revenge, but soon realizes Bullseye killed her father. Elektra and Bullseye battle, and kills her with one of her sai (in the Director's Cut, Bullseye deals more injuries to her and while impailng her, gives her a kiss by biting down on her lower lip). Daredevil chases Bullseye to a church, and they battle until Daredevil maneuvers Bullseye's hands to be shot by a S.W.A.T. sniper, leaving him with wounds resembling stigmata. Daredevil grabs him and throws him out of a window, crashing onto the hood of Ben Urich's car. A final scene shows him hospitalized but still be able to flick a hyperdomic needle with enough force and accuracy to impale a fly. He is incarcerated and head to prison when he heals.


Bullseye was portrayed by Colin Farrell who was attached to the role in December 2001.

During the movie's release, Bullseye was designed to resemble his movie counterpart (minus the facial hair).

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