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The Bullies are the main antagonists in the Creepypasta story Victims. They are a gang of high school students and consist of Sam, Zara, Kaitlin, Joe, and an unnamed male leader. Zara is also the ringleader aside from the narrator and possibly his girlfriend. They are inviting a nervous girl named Jess into their gang in the story and take her to an abandoned house on an eustary where some deaths had happened and nobody wanted to buy it.

They get a man to tour them round the house and Zara asks about buying it. Then they are given the house to themselves for the night and have a party. They make out and drink and then Zara dares Jess to go down into the basement. Jess outright refuses and Zara says to Sam that he knows how they make people do things, they force them if they don't want to.

So Jess is thrown into the basement and Zara locks the door shut and suddenly Jess screams because she's on rickety stairs, but then a picture comes oozing out under the door, of Jess dead. Then the killer comes out of the basement and goes after Zara, and Sam cowardly flees for it but the floor gives way and he hits his head in the basement and dies. Zara pleads for her life but the killer says he gives no mercy and then she's killed. A picture comes out of both Sam and Zara dead. Then Kaitlin tries to get out but the killer gets her too.

The narrator runs home and he puts the story up online, remembering suddenly how he and his friends bullied a freshman by pulling his pants off and setting fire to them. The narrator thought it was funny at the time as did his friends. But he gets a note on Facebook saying that the victim is coming to his house right now.

Suddenly the kid the narrator bullied at school appears behind him and slits his throat. He cleans the blood off the laptop and finishes off the guy's story for him, saying that maybe bullies are the weak ones after all.