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Bullhead is a minor villain in the video game; Okamiden, which is a sequel to Okami.


Bullhead is a giant catfish, with red markings on his head, and razor sharp teeth.


Bullhead is a catfish who believes that he's a carp. Believing that he's a carp, he also believed in the old legend that if a carp climbs up a waterfall, they would become a dragon. Because of this, Bullhead floods the Agata Forest. Eventually Bullhead encounters Chibi and Nanami, and fights the duo.

Bullhead fights by body slamming himself onto the land, and using his whiskers as whips. He also uses electricity as a weapon as well. When Bullhead tries to bite them, Chibi uses the vine and ensnare Bullhead. They processed to slash Bullhead. When he escapes, Bullhead with swim toward another island. Nanami; one of Chibi's partners, swims towards the island. When she reaches the island, she throws a rope towards Chibi and pulls him toward the island. When Bullhead tries to bite them again, Chibi ensares Bullhead with the vine. They continue to slash Bullhead until he's defeated. After he's defeated for a first time, Bullhead will spit both Kuni, and the Wet and Dry Jewels. However Bullhead returns and tries to fight back. But with the use of the Wet and Dry Jewels, they were able to drain the water and make Bullhead a fish out of water, killing Bullhead

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