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The Bulldog is the secondary antagonist of the Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! episode "What The Hex Going On?". He serves as the watchdog for the Kingston Mansion.


He has pointy teeth, a wrinkly face and a stubby tail. 


He showed an extreme dislike to the Mystery Inc. Gang, mainly towards Scooby, probably due to the fact that he tried to eat the bulldog's bone in the refrigerator.


When Scooby got a big bone from the refrigerator, the bulldog snarled at him. Scooby then put the bone in the bulldog's mouth, the latter of whom crushes it with his teeth. Scooby hid under a barrel to try to escape, but the bulldog's master points to him and the bulldog chases Scooby until Scooby puts the barrel on top of the bulldog instead.